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PrizeRebel : Tips and Tricks!

Chances are, you've signed up for PrizeRebel already. If not, then you need to register. There are 2 ways you can register. One is my referral link, and the other is just their website. I'd really appreciate it if you used my referral link, since I see it as, "Since I'm helping you, can you help me?" But if you really don't want to use my referral link, then you don't have to. My referral link is

There are a couple of things I STRONGLY advise you to follow.

1. NEVER use your real information on the surveys! If you do, chances are you're going to get telemarketing calls, spam mail, and spam e-mail. This is something everyone wants to avoid.

2. Always skip "Offers" inside the survey you are taking. Skipping this offers saves a ton of time.

3. Make a couple of fake e-mail addresses! You want fake emails so your real email doesn't get spammed. Make some @ gmail or hotmail. Try and use "." in your email too, so you don't have to keep thinking of email names you will remember. Ex:

4. Avoid using addresses of neighbors that you know. Just try and use a McDonalds address in another state. They have other uses besides serving those fatty foods ;) .

5. Be patient! Getting high ammount of points can take a while! Some surveys take up to 3 days to count towards your credit.

6. Don't even look at hack videos on youtube! They're just trying to get you as a refferal towards them. There's no way to "hack" your points so you can get more...

7. Clear your cookies before you take a survey! Doing this will greatly higher your chances of immediate credit on your survey.

Follow these pointers, and you should do just fine. I know that some surveys take a lot of time to do. There are, however, ways to speed up the survey-taking process. Follow thsese steps to do exactly just that.

1. Download and install Mozilla Firefox if you haven't already. There are some addons you need for it that you can't get on Internet Explorer.

2. Download and install Roboform. This tool is VERY helpful when it comes to filling in information for the surveys. Google "Roboform" And download it. Use of it will be explained later.

3. Download the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox. I will also explain use of this tool later on. You can download here After restarting Firefox and all, you should see a little monkey face in the lower right corner. MAKE SURE THAT ITS FACE IS COLORED. If it's gray, then click the face and it should become colored, meaning that it is activated.

4. Download the "Just say NO!" script for Greasemonkey. Download here This is perhaps the most important thing to have. It usually skips all of the offers inside the survey FOR you. Ususally, all you have to do is sit back and watch the offers get skipped. There is another program like this called fiZiks pointGAINER. DO NOT USE IT! PrizeRebel can detect it and ultimately could lead to your account being banned. This script is undetectable by PrizeRebel, so be sure to use the script I have provided you.

5. Now, we have to setup your Roboform identity so you can fill out the forms quicker. To do this, click the RoboForm toolbar at the far left and click "Identities" and then "New". Now you need to make up a fake name. Ex: John Smith

6. Then, you have to fill out the information you are going to use. Fill out the phone numbers, title (Mr. , Ms. , Mrs.) birthdate, age, & the sex. Use only one number for all of the phones. Just find out the phone number from the yellowpages or something.

7. Then click the "Address" tab. Fill out the information of a Mcdonalds place or something like that. After you are done, click "Save and Close"

8. You are now set to start doing surveys the fast way! I would highly suggest you do the surveys worth 1.5 points, since they have a high income and you barely have to do any work at all. Log on PrizeRebel and click on View Available Offers. Sort the offers from Greatest to Least, and find a survey worth 1.5 points, but DO NOT START IT YET. Make sure it has a description like this: Complete the first 20 pages of offers and must select yes to 1 of more of the offers. The script will choose yes to at least one offer, and will skip it anyways, so don't worry about that. Now you must clear your cookies before you start the survey. So at the top, go to Tools -> Clear Private Data and be sure to check "Cookies" as an option. Also, make sure that Firefox allows popups and cookies. To be sure, go to Tools -> Options -> Content and uncheck "Block Popup Windows". Then go to Privacy and make sure everything is checked under cookies. Then click Ok. Now you can start the survey

9. It should first ask you for an email. Use one of the fake ones you made.

10. It should now ask for information. This is where RoboForm comes into play. On your RoboForm toolbar, you should see the name of the Identity you made. Click the name of the ID and VOILA! The form has been filled out, EXCEPT for the city. For some reason it deletes itself... Just type in the name of the city that you are using for your ID.

11. Click next, and this is where the Greasemonkey script does most of its work. It should be skipping offer after offer. Yay! This is where you can sit back and watch the screen file through many pages of skipping offers. Every once in a while, Greasemonkey won't skip a few offers. This usually means you will have to do those offers manually. Usually this happens to me, and I have to do about 5 pages maunally before Greasemonkey starts to kick in again. So make sure you keep an eye on your monitor to see if the offers stopped skipping.

12. Eventually, you will come to a page where it has a bunch of other offers called "Silver Offers" Usually it will say "You must choose 1 to continue" So, click any of the Silver Offers and it should open up a new tab. LEAVE THIS TAB OPEN. Also, a popup window should appear to. You can close the popup. Make sure the new tab is loaded completely, then return to the Silver Offers page. Scroll down and click Continue after selecting a Silver Offer...

13. Now you should come to a page with more offers called "Gold Offers" Usually, it will say "You must choose 2 to continue" So, click 2 different offers than the one you chose from the "Silver Offers". Select one Gold Offer. A new tab should open. LEAVE THIS TAB OPEN. Another popup should also appear much like the other one from the Silver Offer. Close out of the popup. Select your second Gold Offer and follow the instructions from the previous Offers. This is where people usually mess up. After you have all the Offers fully loaded, you need to return to the tab that had all the Gold Offers on it. YOU NOW MUST REFRESH THAT PAGE. After refreshing the page a new popup half a window size should come with bonus offers. LEAVE IT OPEN AND MAKE SURE IT IS FULLY LOADED. If this window didn't popup, then try to refresh the page again. If still it doesn't popup, then go back to PrizeRebel and try another survey. If you do see the bonus offer popup, You are now done! LEAVE EVERYTHING OPEN STILL. You should wait about 30 seconds, and then return to the PrizeRebel tab and refresh the page. You'll need to log back in since you deleted your cookies. If this all worked, then you should have another 1.5 points in your account! If not, keep refreshing the page for another 2 mintues. If you don't get credited for that survey, Try another one. There are still a ton of 1.5 offers you could do!

14. If you really can't find any more surveys to do, then you should try and use the referral system. The referral system is a great alternative to gaining points. What you have to do is refer a friend and send them your referral URL. To find out what yours is, click the Referral Banner option on PrizeRebel, and it should be the first URL on top. Now they should visit your URL and register. They are now one of your referrals. Referrals work like this. Whenever your referral gains points, you also gain 20% of their earnings. They don't lose any points mind you. for example, say your referral has earned 10 points. That means you have earned 2 points from your referral making 10 points! Awesome! FREE POINTS!

Following all the Tips, Tricks, and Hints, you should have the points to get the prize you've had your eye on! Have fun with your new prize!

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